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Painful Periods

Pain during the menstrual cycle or Dysmenohrea is an extremely common condition. So much so that many clients of mine believe this to be normal or correct. Pain may occur prior to , during or after the period.

From a Chinese perspective, seeing where the pain is, the level of pain, clotting, the amount of flow, blockage etc all can lead to varying types of diagnosis. Sometimes painful periods can be caused by Endometriosis, fibroids, or there may be no apparent cause. Acupuncture is extremely effective in reducing/eliminating menstrual pain.

Case Study

Anna, 34, had suffered with painful periods for all of her adult life. She had been diagnosed with Endometriosis. She also suffered with Migraines and adult acne. Within the first cycle, Anna saw some improvements, By the 4th cycle, her pain was gone. I also spoke to Anna about some of her lifestyle choices e.g Diet, exercise, smoking. Anna comes to see me once every couple of months for a top up.

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