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Amenorrhea, No Periods

Amenorrhea, No Periods

The absence of a period, or amenorrhoea, can indicate some hormonal balances, this can be referred as primary or secondary. Primary indicates a condition when there never has been a period and secondary indicates where there was periods but there is now no menstrual cycle. Acupuncture along with other lifestyle choices is very beneficial here and allows and encourages the period to regulate or return. Some areas that may cause Amenorrhoea may include..

  • Coming off the contraceptive pill.
  • Polycystic Ovaries
  • Emotional stress, e.g Excessive Anger, resentment, sadness, worry, irritability, stress, anxiety over time.
  • Excessive physical work or exercise.
  • Heredity weakness.
  • Poor Diet, excessive weight loss diets, poor nourishment, excessive dairy, greasy, sugary foods.
  • Overwork , working long hours without adequate rest.

Case History

Sarah (18) came to me complaining of exhaustion, depression, poor memory, headaches, poor sleep, poor appetite and had not had a period for over a year. Prior to that, they were scanty and painful. We discussed some of her lifestyle choices which included smoking, sugar/processed based diet, no breakfast, loads of coffee, no exercise. Once we put everything down in writing, it became quite clear what was going on. After 3 months with Acupuncture and a change in lifestyle, Sarah’s periods came back. Sarah now gets Acupuncture 5-6 times a year.

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