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Stop Smoking


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU, you have changed my life. I am now off the cigarettes 2 months. Imagine 40 a day and smoking for 28 years. My energies are better than ever, I am now going to the Gym even though I have a membership for the past few years. My outlook is more positive. A big thank you from my partner and kids as well.

This is a typical mail that I receive. People stop smoking for various reasons but find the benefits far exceed their expectations. I feel by using a multi-disciplined approach, Acugraph test to show what cigarettes are doing to your health, full Acupuncture session, Hypnotherapy session, Natural Herbs, Acupuncture Beads, Hypnotherapy Cd so that you can Hypnotise yourself as often as you need,. I believe that it is the most effective solution out there. There is also back up if required included in the price.

Quitting Smoking can be a real challenge, but it is the best thing you can do for your health. It’s a dangerous, deadly habit. It is the leading cause of cancer, increases heart attacks, lung disease, strokes, Fertility etc.

Cost Of Smoking – 20 cigarettes a day will cost you E4,000/annum net, if you have a mortgage protection policy there is a penalty of approx. E20/week now totalling E5,000 net a year for both. Think about it. All you are doing is slowly killing yourself and paying someone for it.

Smokers come to me all the time trying to give up have tried all different ways to stop, the most important factor in this equation is You. I can prove the need for you to give them up with Software that I have but you have to want to. The 3 reasons why smokers want to give up cigarettes are –

  • Health – I can reaffirm this at the consultation phase.
  • Cash – Prefer to spend their money on better things. E.g Holiday, car upgrade etc
  • The Kids are onto them or they are trying for Kids.

Some Interesting Facts about giving up smoking

Success Rates

6% – If you try by yourself

8% – Using Nicotine Replacement/Champix

10% – Using Natural Herbs

20% – Acupuncture Beads

27% – Full Acupuncture Treatment

70% – Hypnotherapy

How does Acupuncture help? – Acupuncture is an effective tool to enable you to quit Smoking, it minimizes cravings, calms the nervous system and strengthens will-power.

How does Hypnotherapy help? – Hypnotherapy gives you a powerful boost in confidence, motivation, and strength and gives you commitment, courage and willpower to stick to your goal to stop smoking by speaking to the subconscious mind.

If you have Health Insurance, the chances are that you can claim back all or some of the costs.

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