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This year, in honour of MOVEMBER, I’ve decided it was about time I talk about men’s issues. Since a lot of my posts are often about women’s disorders, it’s only fair I finally write one on TCM Treatments for MEN! Today we will talk about Prostate Cancer

I’ve just turned  50 this year as well as a lot of my friends! Last year, I had to get his first pair of reading glasses and that really bothered me..

While I’m going through this fun stage of my life called MENopause, I have to be more diligent in preventive any issues, especially prostate ones. Prostate Cancer is the second most common cancer in Irish men, know the facts and take action early, if detected early 98% of survival is beyond 5 years. Causes include Ageing, diet, alcohol, chronic illness. In Chinese Medicine there are a number of factors that can attribute to Prostate issues which include Spleen, Kidney, Blood, Phlegm, Heat, here at Duohealth, we will diagnose and help treat the area concerned

So I dedicate this post to all men! Prevention is key, eating a healthy diet high in lycopene is super duper important. Having regular check ups and getting acupuncture/herbs can also prevent prostate issues later in life.

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