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Painful Periods

Painful Periods

Pain during the menstrual cycle or Dysmenorrhea is an extremely common condition, so much so that many of my clients believe this to be normal. The pain is most often menstrual cramps, which can be cramping or throbbing pain. These can also be associated with Migraine, Nausea, Lower back pain, diarrhoea and other types of headaches. Pain can occur up to, during and after the period.

From an Acupuncture point of view, we need to know the severity of the pain, where it is exactly, when it occurs, appearance of the menstrual blood, clotting and blockages for example to diagnose the condition. As with all conditions in Chinese Medicine, we attempt to find the cause of the pain and in treating the cause, so a more permanent solution can be found. I have found that Stagnation of energy (qi) and blood are the most common patterns occurring in Painful Periods. I have also found that certain foods inhibit or help the condition which I will speak to you about.  The reasons are generally are

-Emotional strain

Cold and Dampness

Overwork, Chronic Illness

A weekly diagnosis through Acugraph, this will show how well you are doing, from energy levels, how well your organs are balanced (yin/yang) etc

Case Study

Anna 34, had suffered with painful periods all of her adult life, she also suffered with migraine prior to her cycle and some nausea during. Within 2 cycles, her period was less painful, by her 4th cycle, she had no pain, her energy levels were up, there was also significant improvement in her migraines and nausea. She now comes every couple of months for her general well being.





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