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Male Infertility

Male Fertility

Fertility affects approx 1 in 5 couples, male infertility is thought to be the cause of 40% of those cases and is on the increase. Sperm count has decreased by over 50% in the last 50 years. Reasons can include, environmental issues, processed foods. Male fertility in Chinese Medicine falls into 3 categories.

1 – Constitutional weakness, this is where the count is low, the motility sluggish and abnormality rate high. This is normally and primarily as a result of weak energy in the Kidneys which must be nourished in order to improve Sperm quality.

2 – Blockage of Sperm pathways. In Western Medicine, this may be the case of a varicocele. Chinese Medicine sees this as a blockage of the flow of qi and blood.

3 – Damage caused by heat. This can be as simple as drinking too much alcohol, coffee, smoking, eating too much processed foods. Chemo, sexually transmitted diseases can also have an effect. The Kidneys are here again need to be nourished.

A thorough exam will be completed from a Chinese perspective including an Acugraph assessment. I will also speak about diet, certain lifestyle choices etc

John came to see me reference a low sperm count, on completing an assessment, John’s had issues with his Kidney’s and spleen, there was also some anxiety in his system. His energy was also low and was exhausted come evening time. John’s diet was poor and he also smoked 10-15 cigarettes a day. John worked in an office and had little to no exercise. Over a period of weeks, he gave up cigarettes, stopped drinking coffee, joined a gym. 2 years later John had his first child and his wife is now expecting their second.

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