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Lyme’s Disease

In my experience, Acupuncture is effective in treating Lyme’s Disease, Acupuncture is a great way to strengthen your immune system, to help prevent infections. Lyme’s disease is progressive and the earlier it’s caught or diagnosed the better chance there is in getting better and faster results. The progression or inbalance has 3 phases

1 – Inflammation and Heat in the body, Heat is basically over stimulation of the organs, with heat, dryness is caused e.g A pot of boiling water getting dryed off, this creates brittleness in the body.  Examples of this can be rashes on the body, fever, headaches

2 – Dampness or Phlegm in the body. This is what slows us down, Examples can include fatigue, poor circulation, pain, digestive issues, this is like a wet blanket that’s on top of the symptoms preventing anything lingering in get out.

3 – Wind, this is responsible for Neurological conditions of all kinds examples can include unexplained pain, pain moving around the body, muscle weakness, poor cognitive abilities, decreased alertness, Bell’s Palsy, Ms etc

Above are just some examples of side effects of Lyme Disease, the Emotional aspect is also taken into consideration, some examples include anxiety, insomnia, frustration, stress etc. Once I have completed the initial assessment through Acugragh, and traditional Chinese diagnosis (pulse, tongue etc), I will be able to put a treatment plan forward to yourself.

The examples above for some part can go between the three phases, from my point of view and seeing people with Lyme Disease is to understand what phase you are in and again the earlier the better, as well as Acupuncture, I would also speak to you about your Diet, this is extremely important, certain foods like raw foods, cold foods/drinks, processed, greasy foods, sugar and again depending on what phase you are, dairy products are all a definite no no. Warming protein, veg foods and foods that help heal and seal your gut are the way to go. I can go into more detail here when I see you.

Also certain Vitamins like D3, B Complex, Q10, Omega 3, Magnesium will also help. Doses etc will be explained in more detail on consultation.

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