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Irregular Cycle

Irregular Cycle 

Irregular cycle is a common occurrence in women and I have seen this quite a lot in my practise. The period may be early or late and the bleeding may vary in amount, quality and pain levels. From a Western point of view, this can be down to a hormonal imbalance, stress, excessive weight loss, Polycystic ovaries, cysts etc. Other examples may include, stress, anger, resentment, irritability. fear etc.

As an irregular cycle is often associated with failure to ovulate, it is very important in identifying the symptoms and rectify it. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver or Kidneys are the 2 organs at the root of the problem.

Ellie used to have regular sessions with myself a number of years ago, sometimes her period was early, sometimes late, bleeding was scanty with some clots and with associated pain. There was also anger due to a past relationship issue. Once a diagnosis was made (here the liver was the issue), there was improvements from session 1 , after 3 cycles, Ellie’s periods were more regular without the pain. We also spoke about lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol which were all part of the bigger picture.

I now see Ellie approx. 6 times a year for general top ups.

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