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Heavy Periods

Heavy Periods 

Heavy periods implies that periods occur regularly and usually last 5-7 days, they can often you feeling drained and tired after your cycle. Symptoms including Anaemia can follow.

Stress, irregular diet, external heat (e.g excessive consumption of spicy foods, alcohol), the main 3 patterns in Chinese Medicine are

Qi (energy) deficiency

Blood Heat

Blood Stagnation

I can explain all these to you once a diagnosis is made. There will be weekly Acugraph assessments done to see improvements each time you call

Case History

Joanne (36), had heavy periods for as long as she could remember, the blood was dark, clotted and were very painful. As a result she was drained mentally, physically for a week after. She felt that she couldn’t retain much information, slept 10-12 hours but woke up tired and it was the same every month. Her diet was was very processed, including excess sugar, irregular mealtimes, skipping breakfast. She also had little to no exercise in her daily routine. She also suffered with bouts of adult acne a week before her period and constipation.

After her second period, her flow was reduced, pain reduced and the clotting was gone. Joanne now calls in now every 6-8 weeks for a top up.

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