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Acupuncture and Chinese Patent Herbs are fantastic long term solution for Hayfever. Symptoms can include runny nose, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, postnatal drip, ear, throat irritation.

Hayfever can be pronounced by eating certain foods (this will be explained on first visit), stress, lack of exercise, lifestyle choices and of course weather conditions. Acupuncture aims to strengthen the bodies defences to external factors so it can fight off the allergens more effectively by getting to the root cause of the problem, treating the symptoms of Hayfever as well as preventing it’s onset.

Acupuncture directly targets the site of the inflammation. It also strengthens the immune system , digestion and your lungs. We are now treating the cause and not just the symptoms.


How Acupuncture cured my Hayfever

I suffered with Hayfever as well as Sinus issues the most of my teenage/adult life. I used to take Nasal Sprays, tablets, eye drops to get through those dreaded few months. I couldn’t go out walking in the fields with my beloved dog, when the pollen was high, the windows and doors  were shut all day long. A friend recommended David to me, I could feel the benefits of the Acupuncture almost immediately after the first session. David also spoke to me about some of my lifestyle choices and my diet which I found very beneficial. After a few sessions, my energy increased, my nose dried up, the stuffiness around my nose and head calmed down, the itchiness also cleared. I now go back to David for a top up when needed.


This is a typical result from someone who has had Acupuncture and possibly Herbs. I find clients immune system is down as a result of our long damp Winter’s and are then hit with increased Pollen and our Immune system finds it hard to fight it off. Contact me on 0863529164, I am based in Glanmire and Mitchelstown..

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