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Example of Fertility Graph

This is an example of a lady who came to me prior to Ivf. She had 4 previous failed attempts and explained this was her last as they had found it too emotionally upsetting and felt that their lives were on hold for the previous 5 years. This was the first assessment that we completed before we started Acupuncture.
Session 1


To summarize – Green Is Normal, Blue Is Deficient and Red is Excess. The areas that required attention were Ht (Heart) which showed anxiety. TE which is the area below the Abdomen. Sp (Spleen) was deficient, indicating energy levels/blood. Ki (Kidneys), in Chinese medicine are the essence of life, these were also deficient. Overall energy levels were also low, these are out of a 100, as you can see this ladies were 57, ideally they should be 80+.

 Session 3

acugraph session 3

Here we see an increase of overall energy levels from 57 to 67. Anxiety levels (HT) are still a little bit high but leveling off. Spleen has increased from an average of 8 to 33. Kidneys have also increased from 30 to 50. TE has also leveled off. The improvements were down to several Acupuncture sessions/Herbs. I also introduced Hypnotherapy here.

 Session 3

By session 5 energy levels were at 69, Ht (Anxiety) was normal, Te was normal, Sp was up slightly but was still deficient and Kidneys were also up. We also have a lot of normal colours here (Green) from session 1. The overall body is now almost balanced.

Session 7

By Session 7, energy levels were up to 85 from 57, we have all green (body balanced) and the areas from a fertility point of view were showing excellent figures. The clients results were positive and she is expecting in August 2014.  This was all helped by a combination of Acupuncture, Herbs, Hypnotherapy, Nlp, visualisation techniques.

acugraph session 7

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