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Lyme’s Disease

Is Acupuncture Good for Lyme Disease ?

In Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Herbs),can help with Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease can have a wide range of symptoms as well as being complicated, including extreme fatigue, fever, rash, facial paralysis, arthritis, headaches, heart issues etc. In Chinese Medicine, Lyme Disease is looked at as primarilily a blood and energy deficiency.

Acupuncture, Herbs for Lyme Disease

In my experience, Acupuncture is a great way to strengthen your immune system in helping to prevent infections such as Lyme disease. By stimulating specific points, this will help your body to fight against bacteria and viruses more effectively, it will also help with Lyme Disease symptoms too e.g reduces inflammation, relieves pain, benefits digestion, improves circulation, reduces stress, anxiety, improve sleep and increase energy levels to name some.

Lyme disease is progressive and creates an imbalance in the body. from a Chinese perspective, there are different stages of Lyme disease

1 – Heat/inflammation.  (over stimulation of the organs). With heat (I will explain this to you), there is dryness e.g pot of boiling water drying off, this creates brittleness in the body, which again can cause..

2 -Dampness or phlegm in the body all the time slowing everything down. It’s like a wet blanket that’s sitting on top of the symptoms not allowing anything to come out for recovery to take place.

3 – Wind – This is when pain is moving to different parts of the body and is responsible for neurological conditions (muscle weakness, poor coordination, seizures, confusion, pain etc) of all kind to take place.

I find that different stages (1-3) can vary the amount of treatments needed, as mentioned, it can be complicated dependant on what stage you are at.


Ray came to me complaining about anxiety attacks, no energy and pain that was moving around his body, the severity of the pain and areas were different on a daily basis. The diagnosis in Chinese Medicine was damp heat. The plan was to increase Ray’s energy levels, disperse the dampness ( wet blanket stage 2) around him, increase his defence levels and reduce his anxiety levels. I saw Ray twice a week for 5 weeks, we also spoke about his diet and the fact that he smoked. Ray changed his diet, stopped smoking and got out walking on a daily basis. Up until recently I was seeing Ray once a month, he feels much better, is back to work and is sleeping better

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