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Is Acupuncture Good For Bell’s Palsy?

Now considered a mainstream option for several medical conditions, Acupuncture is proving to be effective in treating and managing Bell’s palsy. Studies have shown that Acupuncture may provide up 60-70% improvement rates – even for those experiencing chronic Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is an acute onset paralysis affecting all facial expression muscle groups in one side of the face. This can cause physical, social and psychological effects.

I found that over the years that Acupuncture is a safe therapeutic method not only does it give good results but looks at the body as a whole e.g. energy levels, emotional issues, stress, pain etc.

Acupuncture relaxes the muscles that cause facial paralysis, brings the feelings back to the nerve endings, helps stop the drooling and closes the eye again. I have found over the years that generally most clients have low energy levels, defence levels are down. From A Chinese Medicine point of view, there is little Qi (energy, vital force) or blood around the body and in particular in the face. With the onset of Bell’s palsy, this is normally caused by emotional issues, stress, air conditioning, excess wind to the face.



Anna came to having being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. She had all the signs, deviated mouth, tongue eye etc and from a Chinese point of view, I diagnosed this as Liver Wind, this was caused by on assessment, low energy levels, a number of emotional issues, these were caused by bullying at work, constant anxiety and worry as a result. I saw Anna twice a week for 4 weeks, we now see each other once a month for ‘top ups’. Anna’s face is back to where it should be, she also felt that she was strong enough to tackle the bully through her Human Resources.

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