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Acugraph Software is the science behind Acupuncture.

The exam takes 2 minutes and you can immediately see your results. For example the Energy Levels, Individual Organ Energy Levels and Yin Yang Balance etc(All seen on the Bar Chart below). On each visit you will have the acugraph test so that you can see your weekly improvements.
Acugraph is unique to this Clinic.

This is an example of a graph from a typical Smoker.

Acugraph the science behind acupuncture

To briefly explain, green is normal, blue is low and red is high. As you can see, this clients lungs are very low (42 should be the lowest here), averaging 28 points. Energy levels are extremely low which is shown under Sp (Spleen). There is some anxiety in their system shown under Ht (Heart). Overall the energy levels throughout all organs are low and smoking has a huge factor to play here. This test takes 2 minutes.

Based on the Acugraph results David will recommend a course or treatment in Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As the course progresses you will start to see the results on the Acugraph.

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