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“Having tried unsuccessfully for a baby for 2 years, we decided to go to David, after 3 sessions, we felt very positive and optimistic. Having seen firsthand through Acugraph (software that is the science behind Acupuncture), we had a plan. With weekly Acupuncture sessions, Herbs and a personalised Hypnosis Cd specific to both of us (recorded at clinic), we both felt less stressed, slept better, and after 3 months, I felt pregnant naturally, as I write this, I am 21 weeks pregnant.”

                                                                                  Brendan & Aoife


  • Increase In Sperm Motility from 25%-62%.
  • Increase In Sperm Count from 8 million to 19 million.

“Having had initial tests, I was devastated to get these results, friends told me about David, I was sceptical to say the least, we had weekly acupuncture sessions, I saw improvements on my weekly chart (Acugraph) which gave me great hope, I also listened to my personalised Hypnosis Cd(recorded at clinic) . 14 weeks later my results had more than doubled.
Thanks David”

                                                                          Elaine & John O’Mahoney

Weight Loss

John weighed 232lbs and 5ft7 inches. He suffered with high blood pressure, cholesterol, constipation, diarrhoea, shin splints, lower back and knees ached constantly and felt depressed. He was also addicted to toxic foods e.g. chips, sweets, fizzy drinks, take aways etc. His Acugraph result (this is the science behind Acupuncture, this is the software that measures the energy levels in all organs), this showed up a weak stomach, weak small intestine, low energy levels and some depression. Weekly Acupuncture sessions helped relieve the Physical symptoms and contributed to his weight loss. One Hypnotherapy session (Hypno-Band) helped change John’s mindset with the wrong foods. This session was recorded live and a Cd given to John so that he could hypnotise himself as often as he wanted compounding all positive suggestions. In conjunction with physical exercise, John lost 64 lbs, all physical and emotional symptoms resolved. John is now living a healthy active life.



John Moriarty was smoking for 27 years, some of his comments are ‘since I quit smoking, I find that I can breathe better, smell and taste my food and in general much healthier. My blood pressure is gone down and have a much more positive outlook on life. My kids say ‘thank You’ too. I have also sent David a number of clients who also have been successful in giving up the cigarettes.

John Moriarty (Smoker 27 years )

“From the first cigarette I smoked, I have spent most of the next 23 years trying to give them up. I tried everything, lasted a few days and went back on them. My brother who went to David told me about him. On arrival I was nervous but determined to give them up, it was now or never. David explained the process and I told him why I wanted to give them up. We did the Acugraph test which took 2 minutes (this is the science behind the Acupuncture, results for each organ are shown on a Bar Chart), my lungs were only working at 40% of their capacity and my energy levels were very low. From there, I had an Acupuncture session, a Hypnotherapy session which was recorded, specific to my requests. When leaving, David put Acupuncture beads in my ears, gave me the recorded live Cd so that I could hypnotize myself as often as I wanted. I am now off cigarettes 5 months and never felt better.”

Anna Field

“I was a heavy smoker for 20 years. I had a course of 3 treatments with combined acupuncture & hypnotherapy with David and I haven’t smoked since – it’s changed my life”.

Mary Murphy, Carrigaline

Back Pain

Mark had lower back problems for a number of years. At best there was always a dull ache up to a debilitating pain that kept him out of work. These pains were propped up by painkillers that attributed to stomach issues. Initial consultation through Acugraph (this is the science behind Acupuncture, this is the software that measures the energy levels in all organs) showed that Mark had weak Kidneys, weak stomach and small intestine. Weekly Acupuncture, Physical Therapy sessions, all symptoms were resolved. Mark now comes back once every 2 months for an Acupuncture/Cupping session.


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