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Our Promise to You….

At Duohealth our success in helping patients deal with health issue challenges has consistently achieved surprising results.

As well as treating obvious health issues like your weight, smoking addiction, infertility or stress levels, we also assess your general underlying body organ health.

The initial free assessment using modern technology (Acugraph) which we provide, offers our patients an insight to both motivate and enable you to improve your life by overcoming health challenges and enhancing their well-being.

Through acupuncture, hypnotherapy, natural medications and various other proven traditional medicine approaches, we are qualified and certified to promise you that you will be pleased with the thorough results we help you achieve.

David is a Licensed Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Cork since 2004. By combining Acupuncture with Hypnotherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) he believes that he can increase the success rate of his treatments.

Why Come To Us?

All Conditions are treated with 2 or more therapies for the price of 1.

  • Smoking/Stress/Fertility/Weight Loss/Cancer – Treated with Acupuncture & Hypnotherapy.
  • Pain Relief – Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Cupping, Herbs, Infra Red Lamp, Electric Acupuncture.

By using Acugraph Software your progress can be shown at each visit.

David is a member of the Acupuncture Council Of Ireland (Tcmci). The practice is affiliated to Laya, Vhi, Vivas and is fully insured. Did you know that if you are with Vhi, Laya, Aviva, Glohealth that you can make significant savings from your treatment, anything from E25 to E40 per treatment. I can discuss this with you in more detail or see Price List.

David is also qualified in Physical Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Reiki.

For more information contact us at 086 3529164/ or complete the form.

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