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Acupuncture & Chinese Therapies

With practices in both Glanmire and Mitchelstown , Cork.

Combining therapies = Better Success

Acupuncture Clinic Glanmire & Mitchelstown


Duohealth is your Gateway to Chinese Medicine in Co. Cork. We have acupuncture practices in both Glanmire and Mitchelstown.

Duohealth is an acupuncture clinic that also uses a combination of Herbs, Hypnotherapy and Chinese Medicine to increase your chances of success in a range of conditions. These include:

Many more issues can be treated combining acupuncture with herbs, hypnotherapy or Chinese Medicine.

We can then increase your chances of success and starting a new life.

Have you considered Acupuncture / Hypnotherapy /Natural Herbs and Nutrition as Fertility Treatments?

If you have been looking for help with your current Fertility Treatments then Duohealth can help you. With Acupuncture / Hypnotherapy / Herbs & Nutrition we can assist both men and women increase their chances of conceiving. Our unique approach has helped many couples to start their family. With the aid of our software Acugraph you will be able to see the improvements in your well being that will help your Fertility Treatments.

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acupuncture cork acugraph


Here at duo health we use Acugraphs for a more effective diagnosis .

Acugraph is a software tool that has brought Acupuncture into the 21st Century, the exam provides evidence based results. We have found that having used Acugraph for over a decade that it provides a more effective diagnosis by providing real time insight into energy levels, balances/imbalances in your body.  Learn more

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