Price List

Price List

Price List

Acupuncture: €40 (1 Hour treatment includes Acugraph Assessment),

Chinese Herbs:  €20

Stop Smoking Treatments

Option 1- Smoking Treatment with Hypnotherapy , Acupuncture, Natural Herbs(10 days worth to help with cravings, irritability and help with damage to lungs), Acugraph Assessment. Acupuncture Beads in your ears, Free Hypnotherapy Cd: €145

Option 2 – Smoking Treatment – Acupuncture, Natural Herbs(Helps with cravings, irritability and helps with damage to lungs), Acugraph Assessment(result e-mailed to you) Acupuncture Beads in your ears. Cost E80.

 Do you know your benefits from your Insurance Company

See typical Examples below

Laya Healthcare – Up to E40 per visit for up to a maximum of 12 visits per year

Vhi – E25 per visit up to a maximum of 10 visits per year.

Glohealth – 25E per visit up to 7 visits per year

Aviva – E35 per visit up to 7 visits per year


20% of Treatment costs can also be claimed back through your tax at the end of the year