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Acupuncture For Free??

Acupuncture For Free?

Did you know that if you have Health Insurance then your Acupuncture Treatments can be up to 100% refundable.

Typical Standard Plans would include e.g

Laya – Up to 10 visits per year at £40 per treatment.

Vhi – Up to 7 visits per year at £30 per treatment.

Aviva – Up to 7 visits per year at £35 per treatment

GloHealth – Up to 7 visits per year at £25 per treatment.

The average amount of visits is 6. This would cost including Herbs £260. As you can see some or all of your costs are refundable.

Smoking Cessation  costs E150 so there are considerable savings here as well.

‘Alternative Healthcare is now accessible and affordable for everyone’ Remember ‘Your Health is your Wealth’

Nb   Please check your plan prior to treatments



Smoking Story

Smoking Story

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